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Pine Hill Orchard & Our Organic Mandarins

Over the past year, mandarin oranges have taken the country by storm. Providing countless health benefits and backed by research, mandarins are a great addition to your diet. So, when it comes to organic mandarins, is there any difference? You will be surprised to learn that in fact there is a big difference between non-organic and organic. Let’s take a moment to get to the bottom of this by looking at 5 important difference you should consider the next time you are at the market.

There Are Fewer Pesticides Used

When the mandarins are organic, there are fewer pesticides used in the overall production. This means more than you may think. Along with being less afraid of not washing your fruit before eating, the lack of pesticides will mean a better taste all around. It will generally be healthier and safer to eat. While the research is still out on how pesticides affect the quality and taste of food, many people decide to not risk it at all by going with organic instead.

Fruit That Tastes Like You Remember

Organic food often comes under fire for not looking as good as their non-organic equivalents. While there is something to be said for this, the flip side is better overall taste. Organic food, especially organic mandarins are considered far more fresh and satisfying when they are organic as opposed to the alternative. When taste is important, our biodynamic, organic and sustainable mandarins should be your first choice.

Biodynamic Farming Is Better For The Environment

The truth is that with organic farming, you get less yield. This generally means a higher price at the grocery store. That problem aside, organic food production for things like mandarins is far better for the environment. Representing a more sustainable approach towards agriculture, organic growing is far less damaging on the land.

Pine Hill Orchard is free of GMO

Genetically modified organism, or GMO is gradually becoming more of a thing in fruit and vegetable production both here and around the world. There is still a lot that is not known on the possible effects modifying food can have on the nutrients and vitamins that it provides. While it helps to reduce the cost and improve the ability for things to grow in harsh conditions, many people are wary to jump onto the GMO band wagon until it is a bit better researched. Going with organic mandarins means getting fruit that is GMO-free.

Provide More Vitamins & Minerals

Organic mandarins means that you will get around 20% to 40% more antioxidants from the fruit than if you went with the non-organic alternative. It also means that you will get higher levels of basic nutrients, as less will be removed through the treatment of the fruit and the soil.

So what are you waiting for? Come to pine hill orchard and try our mandarins today. With numerous health benefits, many people find them to be well worth the additional cost. If nothing else, you know you are supporting a farm where more sustainable practices are being used.

Pine Hill Orchard